Things to do:

It is also time to start preparing your vegetable gardens or fall!

Prepare garden beds for fall plantings. Add organic mulch/compost, Humates, Gypsum sulfur and an organic fertilizer for maximum results.

Things to expect:

Weather will remain hot, watch for signs of stress on plants. Soil temperatures are at their warmest - some plants roots do not function well. Mulch with organic compost and take care not to keep soil too constantly moist.

Hot weather means insects and fungus diseases are active. Don't water lawns daily and only water in the early am.

A prized stand of St. Augustine grass might be treated, as a preventative measure, with a fungicide for lawns.

Concentrate on a deep thorough watering under spread of plants and trees.

Early in the month, sow native crops such as amaranth, devil's claw, and other crops planted to take advantage of summer rains.

Palm trees and bermudagrass thrive in summer's heat and warm soil conditions.

Wash off plants. Control insects with blasts of water from a hose.