Join Us during September for our Grand Opening Events as we kick off the Fall Growing Season

Calendar of Events

Saturday Sept 23rd at 9a and 1p: Companion Planting

Saturday Sept 23rd at 10a and 2p: Succulents- Julie Moody, our succulent expert, will introduce you to some familiar and not so familiar succulents and cactus, and will provide tips on how to grow these plants successfully. Make any container thrive with Julie's advice on soil, drainage, light needs, and watering.
Sunday Sept 24th at 1p: Planting Calendar For Maricopa County- Planting times can be confusing since our area has some unique micro-climates and needs. We will discuss the best time to plant seeds and starts, and the keys to growing a successful Fall vegetable garden. We can also discuss year round planting and growing, and how to take advantage of the changing seasons.
Sunday Sept 24th at 2:30p: What's New??- Mid-September begins our wonderful Arizona "cool" growing season. Follow along this month and next to see our rapidly changing availability. Each arrival adds colors, textures, fragrances, and tastes you can develop to make your yard special.Type your paragraph here.

Saturday Sept 30th 11a - 2p- Join us for grilled Hot Dogs and Cold Drinksas we finish September and help you plant your fall garden and refresh your landscape.