Extremely Dry Conditions

Aloe species (A. barbadensis, A. saponaria, A. striata, A. 'Blue Elf', A. Daweii, A. variegata), Agave species (A. attenuata, A. desmettiana, A. bracteosa, A. vilmoriniana, A. victoria-reginae), Blue Pickles (senecio), Calandrina-Jazztime Jade, Ice Plant(Drosanthemum, Malephora, and Cephalophyllum), Pedilanthus-Lady Slipper, Pencil Cactus/Firesticks, Portulacaria-Elephants Food, and many succulents.

Gardening in the Desert Southwest has become an exercise in managing extremes. Recently, we experienced the coldest temperatures in 30 years. This past summer we experienced the most number of days at or above 110 degrees. Taking into consideration that avid gardeners will continue to plant their gardens, here are some extreme plant choices for extreme conditions.