Things to do:

Prune existing rose bushes and deciduous trees and shrubs-now is when they are most dormant and will begin growth soon. Look for local pruning demos and lectures.

Select and plant bare-root roses and fruit trees-now is best selection of the year for varieties and newly planted selections will have time to establish before summer heat.

Continue to plant cool season vegetables, herbs and flowers from seeds or transplants.

Start seeds indoors for warm season vegetables and herbs to set out next month.

Watch the weather forecasts to determine the need for frost protection. Protect young tender plants with frost cloth(sold at nurseries), sheets, blankets, burlap, etc. Plastic can transmit cold so must be supported up off the foliage of plants.

Tend winter lawns by treating any invading cool season weeds with a broadleaf weed killer and fertilize to encourage good color with a fertilizer containing nitrate and cheated iron.

Happy New Year!!

Things to expect:

Late January through early February is the rose bush pruning season. Study each bush before making any cuts. Prune out the older, diseased canes first.